Already 3 days since I came back

I still remember that one year ago when Heqing taught me English, he asked me: "Wut's the color of the sky in Nanjing?" And I answered: "Blue." At that time, he gainsaid my words. If someone ask the same question to me now, I will gainsay me words too.

Actually, the sky in Nanjing is really grey. Though sometimes it will be grey blue.

I've already been back for 3 days. Because of the flu, I am still separated by myself at home. Actually there are not many chances to get out of the house. Mainly I show the pictures and the souvenirs to my parents. Sometimes I look out from the balcony.

So many cars, so many tall buildings, and so many people. Maybe I was used to living in Liberal and I was used to the FLAT in Liberal, and I am not adapted living in China as soon as I come back. Sometimes I say to myself, I don't like the gray sky in Nanjing, neither so many cars nor noise. But anyway I am born in Nanjing and I know this place. Also, I love this place.

Sometimes, people are weird.

When I haven't been in United States, I look forward to the life there.

When I really got to be a member of that life, I miss the life in China.

But when I left United States, I hesitated to leave.

Well whatever, I just say some words to get rid of my boring heart during the separation.

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