Story: Employ our parents

To my friend's uncle:

You really should spend more time together with your son instead of the co-workers."

One day, little Jammy asked his dad, "Do you get a lot of money with your job, dad?"

The father answered, "Well, not much." and then he added.

"It doesn't matter with you. What happened?"

"Hmm.. Dad, how much do you get per hour?" Jammy kept asking.

The father felt strange but he replied, "About 30 bucks per hour. What's wrong?"

Jimmy thought a while and he asked his dad to lend him 5 dollars.

The father got angry and strictly told his son, Jimmy, "If you think you can get 5 bucks because I earn 30 per hour, you are extremely wrong! Now get into your bedroom, and think about your fault!"

Jimmy kept a silence and then went back to his bedroom.

The father sat beside the table and thought about his son's strange behavior. Then he felt he was a little bit over it, so he walked into his son's bedroom.

He said, "Well, I'm sorry to be so strict to you, and it is my fault to take angry with you. Here is the 5 dollars, Jimmy."

The father reached out 5 dollars and handed to little Jimmy.

Jimmy turned his face to a big smile and said, "Oh thanks dad!" Jimmy quickly took out 25 dollars under from his pillow.

The father saw it and felt angry again, "Since you already have 25 dollars, why you want to get 5 more?"

"Dad, now I can empoy you for an hour." Jimmy handed the 25 bucks and the 5 out together to his father.


So how many hours are your parents with you? Nowadays parents work harder and harder to earn more salaries for the next generation. Yes, everybody knows money is important. My friend's uncle is a businessman and he seldom goes back home. He usually travels around the country and even sometimes nobody knows he gets back home at that day or not. You really should spend more time with your son. And also I want to tell every parent, your child doesn't care the family is poor or rich, instead they care about you.

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