Toefl Essay Practice: Most advertisements make...

Topic´╝ÜMost advertisements make the products seems much better than what it really is, agree or disagree.

Despite the opinion that most advertisements make the products seems more ridiculous than what it really is adopted by majority, I, however, holding a different viewpoint, firmly maintain that most advertisements make the products seems much better. To be specific, advertisements, show the merits instead of the bad qualities of the production, if any, with the computer technical improvement. The following paragraphs will strengthen the side I have taken.

Firstly, advertisements always give a kind of information to audiences that "our products are good enough to show them on TV/radio/newspaper". Because people can see advertisements everywhere, such as through media and on the wall, people will have an obscure impact on the product. When people want to figure out what the product is, the purpose of the advertisements accomplishes. Also, some people may think that if the product can be shown on different medium, it should be true and have a good quality. For example, when an advertisement of apple is on and people are watching it, some of them will think the apple is good enough to be shown to everybody and there is a high possibilty that the apple is delicious.

Secondly, along with the development of the science and technology, the computer skills of people develop a lot. We people can find most of the advertisements are improved by the computer techniques. Sometimes when we watch a drink advertisement, we can see the drink flies on the sky and travels trough from Pekin, Illinois to Peking, China. The technique makes advertisements attractive, inviting, and popular. When people watch these kinds of advertisements, they will think something like "Oh god, look at the amazing bottle with a man on it!" Though some people say they don't like advertisement, they still will pay attention on the real creative advertisements because of the fantastic scenes with the computer techniques.

Last but not the least, advertisements devotes to show the benifits of the products, not the bad qualities. As a result, no advertisements will tell audience the disadvantages of their products and if so, they are obviouly recognized stupid. So when people are watching an advertisements, all of the advantages and attractive things will be shown on the screen or newspaper, and people will really like some of the good qualities. Giving the example of the apple advertisements agian, in the ads an apple is shown to be bright and red and probably there will be a beautiful lady biting the apple with her ruby lip and then makes some sounds to show how delicious the apple is. When people watch this, the advertisements improve the taste of the apple and people can fell the taste even. This makes the product seems much better.

To sum up, the advertisements are not just advertisements any more nowadays. They become a kind of art and they will show all the people the good characters of their products. That makes the products seem much better than what they are in fact.

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