Toefl Essay Practice: Topic: It is more important for students...

Topic: It is more important for students to understand ideas and concept than to learn facts.

In spite of the opinion that to understand ideas and concepts is more important than to learn facts for students adopted by major, I, holding an opposite viewpoint, however, firmly maintain that to learn facts is more pivotal for students. To be specific, learning facts has many advantages to help students. The following paragraphs will strengthen the side I have taken.

To begin with, primary among the arguments for my view is the relationship between concepts and facts. It is no doubt that concepts result from facts. In another word, people do research on the facts and then they figure out the concepts for the facts. So here it appears one problem. Concepts probably can show a principle of the facts but nobody can be sure whether the concepts are exactly right forever. For instance, Aristotle stated that of two objects which have the same volume, the heavier one drops faster than the lighter one. This concept was accepted for thousands years until Galileo contradicted it. Facts are changing and no one can say, "This concept is exactly and perfect right."

Another equally important are applications and creations. Why do we need to study? Because we need to use the knowledge to solve vary kinds of problems. When I was a little boy, I did not know how to ride a bike. My mother taught me to do it. I sat on the bike and I fell down many times, but finally I got it. I learned how to ride a bike by doing it over and over and I am sure I cannot do it if I just learn some concepts and ideas about the bike. Also, to study the ideas and concepts limits creations and innovations. When a kid sees a circle on the blackboard, he may say it is an egg or a moon. However, if I tell the kid it is zero, then the kid won't think the circle looks like an egg or a moon any more. Therefore, learning facts is a good teacher.

Besides the two points mentioned above, I would like to add one more that is readily discernible. It gets more fun to learn facts instead of understanding ideas and concepts, and this will improve the interests of studying. Most of the students in China absorb knowledge from books and they feel bored. As a result from sitting in the classroom and listening to the teachers, students reduce their interests of studying and they think learning is a boring process. To take another side, the students in US like to study because they can do lots of experiments and they absorb the knowledge mainly from facts. It follows that students in US are assimilating to study and those in China are assimilated to do the same thing. And I think this is why China is still a developing country but states has already been a developed country.

To sum up, it is more important for students to learn facts than to understand ideas and concepts.

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