Toefl Essay Practice: What you see is always believable

We often hear that we can learn much about someone or something just by casual observation. We are not required to look beneath the surface or to question how something seems. In fact, we are urged to trust our impressions, often our first impressions, of how a person or a situation seems to be. Yet appearances can be misleading. What “seems” isn’t always what is.

Is the way something seems to be not always the same as it actually is?

My physics teacher always tells me: "Don't believe what you see superficially. And instead, go to do experiments to explore the truth beneath what you see." As I remember his words, instantly, I find that they can be extended to reach a higher position, not only limited in the subject "physics"; it states that the way is something seems to be not always the same as it actually is.

Admittedly, there exist lots of lively instances to support the standpoint, which illustrates that events we experience can tell us lots of truth. When I find my mother is washing dishes, then "My mother is washing dishes" becomes a truth and obviously it is right. When I go to the skateboarding park and see a guy falling over from the skateboard, then "A guy is falling over from the skateboard" is a real thing that is happening.

However, not always can we get right information from what we see. Here is an example happened half a year ago. I was lucky enough to be a volunteer to help people find the room for recruit. There was a tall man, wearing nice looking dress. He seemed polite and gentle to me, and even I dreamed I could be as cool as he was. But I was totally wrong. When it was his turn, he spit out a piece of gum to the floor, stood up, made a face to look at me that seemed I was a dirty rag. I would never forget his behaviors and since then I never remain suspicious that I should not consider anyone at the first look. Another case is from newspaper, talking about a rob happened in a bus. There was a young lady standing beside a handsome man. Nobody could imagine that the lady grabbed the man's wallet and ran away when the bus was stopped, but it took place. I didn't think that was a big deal until I glanced at the photo of the lady. You won't believe the lady is a robber because she seemingly was a woman of exceptional talent and ability. From the two perceptions above, I doubt you, if so, still hold your side that what you see always is real.

Nowadays the first look is pretty important, especially for those who want to get better jobs. As a result everyone prefers to show the best sides to others. This leads to a consequence that what we see is most likely not a whole part of a person. We have to understand that never can we know a person except the person is always under our observation, carefully and clearly. Citing myself as an instance, when I try to be a hardworking guy, I sometimes play for a while. Sometimes I will tell my mother how hardworking I am even though I am not as much hardworking as how I tell my mother I am . But my mother believe me, depending on what I am doing in front her (I have to clarify I don't mean to cheat and tell lies; instead, I feel this is really bad but still I cannot control myself). So here comes the problem I mentioned at the beginning: Don't always believe what you see because sometimes your eyes will cheat on you without purpose.

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