Random Mumbling


Tomorrow will be my last class on English Language and Composition. But I'm still in a absurd mess. What is my purpose to have this class? Yes, originally I want to improve my English through the classes but now I find I am totally wrong. The AP English Language and Composition is so-called one of AP courses only because this class is for an AP test. Although the teacher tries her best to make the class vivid and teach us something else that might be useful to us, our purpose together is still for the AP test. What the hell I should do? Yes, study and study for the test. The sample examination destroyed my running-riot imagination. Alright then, shall I quit? No, I do not want to do so. Quit? Only loser will do it. And I still believe that even though I would not have a good score on the test, I am a winner.


Okay, I admit that I am a little out of range, or in another word, irate. What the hell you two show the theories of Mathematics that I never heard of? Alright, am I looked stupid and confused at that time? You happy now?

I spent a lot of time on computer, I know. Those theories and greater – who I do not know until you two mentioned up – seemed awesome. Thank to god. I have limited knowledge to answer your questions. What then? I am not smarter than you two on the regions I will study, but I am a winner on other fields. Computer took away my time but it left me the gift of using it. I know php, asp, html and javascript. Do you two know that much in this field?

Now I am calming down. When I faced your ask, I felt blanched and I thought I was a loser. I possible have some sort of entertaining mind that usually leads me to bad habits. Change will I. It is the words you two said to me that impulse me to learn more. Remember, next year today I will beat you two, go beyond you two, and transcend you two.


My dad is not going to come back tonight and my mother is still in Malaysia. Wow, what a wonderful time being alone! Yes, I know I will miss my parents and I do will – but today? Today will be a good time being peace and quiet to think about my life and my future. Thank you.

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