Build CM10.2 for Quincyatt from Source

It's just taking too much time to figure out the steps.. It'll be good to record what I have done in case I forget it.. System Spec Ubuntu, eight-core, i7-2600 3.4GHz Samsung Galaxy Note (quincyatt) Preparations For environment setup: sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk sudo apt-get install python sudo apt-get install git-core sudo apt-get install gnupg… Continue reading Build CM10.2 for Quincyatt from Source

This is going to be just short mumbling. I still remember how I love to use Google Map and Google Now. The appealing features are convenient, accurate, and helpful. But now they are getting worse. Google Map is getting slower response and less accurate location service. I guess it is not easy for Google to continue serving Map for free, but this is not the excuse that Map can get worse. Google Now used to be accurate too: it recognizes anything you say and executes precisely. Now it just cannot handle your voice. "OK Google" has to be very close to the microphone; some other words may accidentally trigger "OK Google"; "set up an alarm" and "remind me" turn to be the same; and it recently stops recognizing "yep" and "nope." Well, well, well...

Attending NSDI 15'

This has been my third conference event since I became a PhD student at SANDLab. NSDI 15' was between May 4 - 6, held in Oakland, CA. My friends were saying things like "do not go out at night" because of so many negative news about Oakland downtown. Well, I stuck to what they suggested and stayed… Continue reading Attending NSDI 15'