Build Standalone Binaries in C for Android

Procedure is simple. Here is the detailed steps and hopefully it is helpful for others. Preparation Know your Android system code, whether it's android-18, or android-22, or others. Here we assume android-21. Download the latest NDK. Here we assume NDK path is /home/happyz/ndk (or simply ~/ndk) Figure out the gcc version, either 4.8 or 4.9. If… Continue reading Build Standalone Binaries in C for Android

Attending MobiCom TPC Meeting

Booked the ticket to the MobiCom TPC meeting in Salt Lake City upon Heather's request. Being served as the "man in station," I experienced what a 1st-year PhD student would possibly never have a chance to see. According to Ben, even a 4th or 5th year PhD wouldn't have this chance to attend such a meeting. My major task… Continue reading Attending MobiCom TPC Meeting