Fetch Free VPN From VPNBook.com

A simple code for fetching the free VPN account from VPNBook.com. It is an awesome VPN site!

The addresses are (updated Nov. 29):

  • euro217.vpnbook.com
  • euro214.vpnbook.com
  • us1.vpnbook.com
  • us2.vpnbook.com
  • ca1.vpnbook.com
  • de233.vpnbook.com

Below is the Python code. Continue reading Fetch Free VPN From VPNBook.com

A Quick Reply to "Math in Dates"

While I was searching for how to setup PHP on Mac, I found this guy's website (Jason) and his post in July. The problem he pointed out is:

Which year (only the last two digits) will have the most dates that satisfies the equation (day+month=year)?

For example, January 3, 2004 satisfies this (since 1+3=4). So does February 2, 2004. So in year 2004, for instance, how frequent this happens? The answer is 3, because we only have Jan. 3rd, Feb. 2nd, and Mar. 1st. Continue reading A Quick Reply to "Math in Dates"