The Way to Update A Small RAM VPS

So I have a VPS with about 700MB RAM but the available is < 100MB. Today when I do

yum update

I got the error saying

xxxx: [Errno 5] [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory

So I solved this by update everything one by one using the following command: Continue reading The Way to Update A Small RAM VPS

R.I.P. Martha Kitch

Grandma, though we are not relatives, I call you grandma because you are the grandma of everyone at Liberal. Last year I came to visit you but you barely remembered me. Yet, I was very happy to see you again. I understood it was the time and age that prevented you to keep the treasured memories. But I believe everyone at Liberal will remember you, and thank you so much for being my one-year grandma. I still keep my 18-year-old birthday gift card from you. May you be happy in heaven. Amen.