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Just found a nice website that analyzes the video path and so we could download the videos that are on! As of today when I post this, the webpage is still alive.

03/12/2017: Some people are wondering about downloading the popup comments in bilibili. Note that should give you that as well (so Method 1 should be enough). If something is wrong, you can go on and read Method 2, assuming it's alive.

Method 1 (simplest): iBilibili

The trick is simple. When you go to a video page like

You can just add "i" before "bilibili" like

That is it!

Detailed Instruction for iBilibili (04/22/2016)

Kinda surprised many people love bilibili. In comments people are a little confused on how to download the video. Below is a brief tutorial.

Say you have visited and want to download the video. If there are multiple videos embedded/posted, then it'll show multiple links. For example,

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.52.42 AM

Each row is one video, from left to right these are "click to watch the video", "parse low quality mp4", "download video (video size)", "MP3 download (mp3 size)" (disabled I think), "show QR code to download", "download popup comments".

If there is only one video, it might show the following instead.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.52.52 AM

From left to right these are "mobile video" (mp4 format), "mobile QR code", "HD video" (flv format, might be broken), "popup comments", "screenshot", and "parse via JiJi" (seems broken and only ads are showing).

Method 2: (07/31/2016)

NOTE: the webpage now has some parsing issues for different parts. Only the first part can be accessed. Use Method 1 if possible. (11/05/2016) the problem has been fixed as of 11/27/2016, cheers!

NOTE2: as of 12/11/2016, BH-5 is down again.. yes, again.. I guess it has to do with bilibili internal changes on its player. The good news is bilibili is using HTML5 as its player now. Maybe we can do something easier just like BH-5. Stay tuned.

Note3: Great news! I just found BH-5 is coming alive again (as of 02/28/2017)! Yay!

People were having some issues downloading videos using Here I find another nice website that is essentially a html5 version of bilibili. Why that's good? Because you can directly right click on the video and do "Save as..."

The website is or (same site, different domain names) (obviously the web owner has permanently switched to the new domain name).

Either you copy the name of the video and search for it, or do the following.

Suppose (@moon) had but it fails on the iBilibili method. Using the last few digits, we convert the link into:

Now first click the video to play, and wait for the video playing, then right click on the video, we see "Save video as..." is there waiting for you.

It would also work if you replace "" with "".

Sometimes the video stuck after we click it to play, and "Save as" might not work as expected. A solution I can think of is to refresh the page, choose a different source (like "backup:1" if there is one), and then try again. This method has been deprecated since the website player no longer provides "source" option. If this does not work, post link here and I'll try to help you.

03/12/2017 update about "popup comments". In case you wonder about how to download popup comments in BH-5, I can tell you there is a not-so-simple way. BH-5 gives the option to display the comments, which allow us to download the popup comments. But it needs some efforts. Detailed step below.

  1. Assume you find BH-5 link: and you are using Chrome browser.
  2. Turn on the "Developer Tool" in Chrome as shown below:
  3. Click the "network" tab, and go to the BH-5 link (or refresh the page if you are already there). Then you will see the following xml file (must be some numbers)
  4. Congratulations, you have found the popup comments!

Method 3: FLVCD or other online video downloader

As many people from the comments suggested, it seems online video downloader is the best option so far (as of 01/15/2017, interestingly I find Method 1 still works fine for me). Here are a recommended list coming from the comments. Feel free to comment and add more.

Just be aware there might be ads.

Re-Organized 🙂 (10/30/2016)

Re-organized contents. Also thank "kimo" for providing an alternative method, but it seems failed on me.

102 thoughts on “Download videos (and popup comments) from”

  1. Wow thank you so much for this tutorial :D!! Do you know other websites which are similar to this? where it has lots of japanese tv show ; u ; )?

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! The usual online video downloaders I'm using can't even detect the video on bilibili. Bless you 🙂

  3. thank you for this tips, i can download the video.
    but why flv format can't download, i have tried it but i can't download
    thank you very much

    1. I believe this free service has some bugs to fix as others have reported similar things. I sent the developer messages already and hopefully he could update them asap. Meanwhile, enjoy other videos on bilibili 🙂

    1. I think they buffered the links. It might contain only 3 links before, and possibly the guy added two more videos but the parsing webpage doesn't do it in real time. I have contacted the site author and he'll take a look at this.

  4. HI!!!! i have been looking for ways to download videos on billibili with IDM and i am so happy i found your tutorial thank you so much man bless you!

  5. I've found when I use this method to download longer videos (50-ish minute tv shows), the file will cut off partway through. Any fix for that? Thanks so much!

  6. sorry i still confused. where i can download the video? i've done to write 'i' . but not works? i must open which website for download video? thanks..

    1. Hi there. When you add 'i' you should be able to get to a webpage (in Chinese) that shows "手机视频" (mobile video, mp4 format) and "高清视频" (HD video, flv format). Just click either one to download the video. And it seems "mobile video" is more robust than HD video parsing.

  7. is there any limit to download using this method? at first, it worked but the next video seems like i need to register/have VIP account..

    1. I don't think so. They don't have such limitations as far as I know (tried 10 videos and all are downloadable). How many you have tried? Maybe try to clear your browser cache and then parse the link.

  8. Wow... it actually worked! Thanks so much! People seem to upload all the good Japanese TV shows on this website such as Music Station and it doesn't get taken down quickly. However, it's still good to be able to save them. 🙂

    Thanks again.

      1. Same thing is replied to moon.. I think they buffered the links. It might contain only 3 links before, and possibly the guy added two more videos but the parsing webpage doesn't do it in real time. I have contacted the site author and he'll take a look at this.

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