Google Drive Suggestions

Strongly suggest Google Drive to include the following functionalities:

  1. The ability to sync subfolders rather than the main folder
    This has been discussed widely on the web. One workaround is to leverage Google Drive's multiple folder feature, but that is very inconvenient and can get messy easily.
  2. The ability to recovery files in a batch
    If multiple files were removed by Google Driver's bug for example (yes, I have been through that pain in a**), there is no other way but right clicking files one by one to recovery the files. There should exist a recovery function that says "recovery the files being removed xxx minutes ago."
  3. Fix the bugs in Google Drive
    There are two major bugs that exist in today's Google Drive product. One is the uplink. The transmission is based on UDP and there's not much guarantee that packets are delivered correctly (well, there is a "guarantee" but a very loose one). The large file transmission can go wrong, causing a packet sending storm that our router thinks as an attack. The Internet would be totally shut down for protection in this case. But guess what, it's just Google Drive goes wrong.
    Another is a bug that deletes the files "randomly." If there is a sync error and it is not resolved before I restart the computer, there is a chance that Google Drive thinks I personally and manually removed the un-synced folder. In this case, the folder is then marked as "deleted" and the Google Drive app tells the server to remove that folder online! WTH!

In fact if anyone searches online, there are many complaints about the issues I've mentioned above. It's been years and Google Drive isn't any better. I'm guessing this is because Google is such a big company and Google Drive team doesn't quite care about users due to the large base number of existed users.

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