Project Fi Phone Number Tip

This is a tip for people who don't care about $3.

I got the Project Fi sim card a while ago, but I got a very stupid number that I don't like. So I figured, since we could port our number to Project Fi, we should be able to find us a good number somewhere, and then port the good number to the Project Fi account.

The way is through Google Voice.

  1. Sign out your current Google Account, say ""
  2. You need to sign up a new Google Account, say ""
  3. After registration of that account, go to the new account and follow the procedure to obtain a new number (you can search for the ones you want here!)
  4. After you get the number, go to to unlock this number. Notice that you need to fill in credit card info and pay $3 here
  5. Remember to visit and then go to "Payment Method" to remove your credit card information
  6. Logout "" and log back in "" Then contact Project Fi "specialist" to port your beloved number into the current account.
  7. Done!

It's easy, right?

In fact, the Google Project Fi "specialist" doesn't really know where to unlock your Google Voice number. When I talked with one guy there, he told me trying to find the "unlock" option in the "settings" at Google Voice. But in fact, that option is not there. Should I blame Google Voice, or Project Fi on that? Hmm..


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