After fighting for so long.. finally paper(s) are submitted! Now I am relaxed at NSDI'16, waiting for good works.

Lee Sedol vs AlphaGo:

In fact AlphaGo already won before, which is pretty awesome. This time, "it" challenges a more advanced and experienced player.

Starting way earlier than this event, AlphaGo has proven its capability of winning the game, and now we are testing its capability of winning advanced game.

I kinda wish Lee won. Yet, AlphaGo wins in the first match.

The moment I figured Lee lost, I actually did not feel excited about the technology. I felt panic. Yes, panic. And overwhelmed.

Aren't people from Google who build this feeling panic?

Update: learned a bit about machine learning and deep neural network. Well, now I feel fine and no more panic. The bottom line is they still work obeying the "rules" that we quantify. Even if AlphaGo jumps out of the box and ignoring the rules by themselves, it is more likely that bugs happen rather than AlphaGo gets evolved and can think on its own. Happy life.