Backup and Restore MySQL Database

Simple commands. To backup (with root password): mysqldump -u root -p --all-databases | gzip > /backups/mybackup.gz To restore: zcat mybackup.gz | mysql -u root -p

It's both cool and weird to see a company that has my first name in it.. It's located at Sweden. If have a chance, I must go and visit this company!!

Internet your things with Yanzi!

Yanzi Networks AB is a Swedish limited liability company that was founded in 2009. The shares in Yanzi are owned by the company’s founders and employees together with a selected number of private investors and The Sixth AP-Fund. Yanzi resides at the company’s offices at Isafjordsgatan 32C in Kista, Sweden.

Mac El Capitan: Camera Not Working

Since updated to El Capitan, many things went wrong. Last time screen was blurry, now camera does not work. The symptom is camera is not recognized in FaceTime, in QuickTime Video recording, and in any video recorder app. So a little search online gives the solution:

Seriously, Google Drive is a joke.. today I trashed one folder by accident and when I go online and try to recover the folder, nothing is inside the recovered folder. And then I have to go to Trash tab and go to fetch each individual file being removed by the Google Drive Desktop app. Sorry for this word, but it is a joke. I'll be moving to OneDrive for now..

Create ShadowSocks on VPS

This is a log to establish & install ShadowSock on VPS (Centos). If you do not have zlib-devel and openssl-devel, then you need to install it. sudo yum install -y zlib-devel openssl-devel Detailed steps: git clone cd shadowsocks-libev ./configure --prefix=/usr && make sudo make install sudo cp ./rpm/SOURCES/etc/init.d/shadowsocks-libev /etc/init.d/ sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/shadowsocks-libev sudo… Continue reading Create ShadowSocks on VPS