Unlock Samsung Gear S2/S3 (AT&T)

Not sure if T-mobile follows the same procedure but I find the original solution here for S3 Frontier (AT&T). It apparently works for S2 also. I have no idea why AT&T does not release this and claims they cannot unlock wearables (in 2016).

Here is a log of the procedure, verified by both XDA folks and me.

First, you need to get the unlock code (from here at AT&T). If you are not the account holder, ask them to follow the procedure for you. To get the unlock code, you need to find out your smartwatch's IMEI number at Settings > Gear Info > About Device. For me, the request takes about 2 business days. Some people did not get it in couple days and pinged at the customer service and went it through.

Anyway, suppose you have the 8-digit unlock code now. You get it from the email asking you to follow the procedure by first "power off the device and remove the SIM card". Yea, you can never do that for Gear S2/S3 because they use eSIM.

Thanks to slapshot2286, we can unlock the device by doing the following.

  1. Go to Settings > Gear Info > About Device and scroll down to Software Version
  2. Tap Software Version 5 times and a keyboard will show up
    • as suggested by others, under the newer version, you should tap Serial Number 5 times instead
  3. Type #7465625*638*# and another dialog shows up, which says "Personalisation" followed by "Enter NCK"
  4. Enter the unlock code you get from AT&T and tap OK

You will then see SUCCESS indicating you have unlocked your Gear S2/S3. Period.


  1. I have a Samsung Gear S2 needs a code to open the watch its locked, I need the code number can you help me.

  2. Fantastic walk through. How do you activate a t-mobile line after you have unlocked successfully?

    1. Hi Jared, there's no workaround, as T-Mobile refuses to do so without swapping a sim card (yet you can't really do that with S2/S3). In terms of hardware the e-sim can definitely support T-Mobile or AT&T, but software-wise it'll depend on if they are willing to do it.

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