One Day, I Found "Knives Out" Cheat, for real...

I played 'Knives Out' a while, a mobile PUBG game made by NetEase Inc. It is an awesome game, and I love(d) that the game is fair and there is (was) no cheat.

Apparently, I am wrong. One day I was just landing. I turned my camera to various locations just to double check how many people are around me and where they are. Guess what, I saw someone running on the ground. It is not surprising because he/she may land before I did. But then I found something weird. (S)he ran super, super, super fast. It's like just a click, (s)he went from south to north...

I was shocked, so I did some search online and found several places people actually sold the so-called "Knives Out Assistance." And there is one other place publishing a similar hack for free.

So in short, it is real... Knives Out indeed has hacks. Not only hacks for PC version, but also for Android version (iOS may also suffer from the same type of hacks, but whatever I don't have iPhone). I'm not sharing these scripts and stuff, but below are a few screenshots.

The method is based on a game mod app named Game Guardian. If you are unfamiliar with that, just think it as a memory modification tool that can change any values stored in memory (like game data). This tool can search specific values within the game (on the memory stack). The sold/free scripts cheat by using this tool, finding specific patterns (for game character models, weapons, etc.) in the memory of the game, and changing corresponding values to the desired one.

After figuring out the way these cheats work, I figured it is very dangerous to use these types of cheats. The key problem is the game manufacture, in this case NetEase Inc. can use a very simple anti-cheating method, namely signature matching, to prevent cheating, and to ban whoever is using the cheat.

For example, if you enabled one cheat called "High Jump" by changing some values in game memory. The game can easily validate and find that the value now differs from what it should be. This means a cheat has happened.

A workaround is to install a modified "Knives Out" to prevent the self-check. But again, since this is an online game system, the company can easily authenticate and detect the app has been modified.

In other words, we play this game to enjoy it with friends. Please do NOT use cheating tools to destroy it. If you did, you will be banned, soon if not now. If you still want to cheat, please play a local computer game and enjoy cheating from there. Thank you.

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