Quickly create a large dummy file

Use the following to create a large dummy file containing all zeroes. Below we assume 1GB size file. You can change it to something else. dd if=/dev/zero of=bigfile count=1 bs=1 seek=$((1024 * 1024 * 1024 - 1)) Learned from here.

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Windows 10 KMS Activation Servers

Basic technique As it is spread over the Internet, open up a command prompt (Admin) by pressing Win + x, and then enter the following: slmgr /ipk <you license key> slmgr /skms kms.xspace.in slmgr /ato But then kms.xspace.in is dead. Here are some alternatives: kms.shuax.com kms.landiannews.com skms 3rss.vicp.net:20439 zh.us.to skms.ddns.net And then to clear KMS: slmgr /skms… Continue reading Windows 10 KMS Activation Servers

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Okay I know this is not new and people have discussed about it, but I still want to post something here to log the process.

To get in the Testmode, just connect to your DPT-S1 and create an empty file named "rVPzp8O1j0m01oOq.crsZVu8crtmXGrc2". Then reboot it, press HOME key once to get back to the home. And then press MENU key four to six times (first time you press it you will see the time on top left corner). Then you will get into the Test Mode app. Online people said you need to press BACK button along with HOME key three times, but mine work with just pressing MENU buttons.

If you see black screen, just press once BACK button and you should be able to see Test Mode.

I think Sony updated the Test Mode in version My "Update Sony Reader file" shows "NG: file not found" instead of "sr.bin is not found".

Recently I need to quickly scan the local network and find my other device's IP address. I do not have access to the access point, and my device does not report its IP so I cannot directly get what I want. But using another device (laptop specifically), I can quickly find out the IP address of that device.

Just simply do:

for ip in $(seq 1 254); do echo $ip; nmap -sP --max-retries=1 --host-timeout=10ms 10.0.0.$ip | grep "Host is up"; done

Since we are under the same network (assuming my IP is 10.0.0.xx), we will have very low latency (so we can set low timeout). And then this prints:

Host is up (xxxs latency).
Host is up (xxxs latency).
Host is up (xxxs latency).

That means:

  • is my gateway (access point)
  • is me
  • And of course the one left is, which is my device's IP


Weird issue fixed: favicon not showing up

So I encounter this weird issue where favicon.ico does not show up on my browser. No matter if I cleared my browser or restarted the browser, it doesn't work. And the trick below saves me some troubles.

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Pokémon Go Fast Level Up (for Character, not Pokemon)

Learned from a friend, probably people already know. This works when you have Lucky Eggs. You will get two at level 10, or you can purchase from the store. Using one Lucky Egg can gain twice experience, and it lasts for 30min. Preparation is to get lots and lots of Pidgey candies, and Pidgeys. Evolving each require… Continue reading Pokémon Go Fast Level Up (for Character, not Pokemon)

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Installation Issue

Lately I updated our lab's server to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I did a clean installation but the system won't boot up. It stuck with a blank ubuntu wallpaper screen and nothing showed up. Looking at the system logs it shows an error saying things like Kernel Panic xxx