Download videos (and popup comments) from

Just found a nice website that analyzes the video path and so we could download the videos that are on! As of today when I post this, the webpage is still alive.

06/05/2017: Something to note. Member-only videos (non public videos) cannot be downloaded right now. Keyword test: 다운로드, 下载, 下載, ダウンロード, descargar, скачать, ดาวน์โหลด

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How to extend primary partition size in Ubuntu

Lately I'll need to add some space to Ubuntu, but it was installed in VMware. And the following method could be the same for the actual desktop.

  1. Find a CD that has Ubuntu image burned in, i.e. a boot up CD.
  2. Reboot the device to CD-loaded Ubuntu - click "try without installing"
  3. Run "gParted"
  4. Locate "Extended Partition" with "linux-swap", remember the size of swap (mine is 8GiB
  5. Right click "linux-swap" and click "swapoff"
  6. Then right click "linux-swap" and click "Delete"
  7. Also delete the corresponding Extended Partition
  8. Now we should have "sda1" and "unallocated space"
  9. Right click "sda1" and choose "Resize/Move"
  10. Adjust the size of the primary drive and save, for instance, 8GiB for your swap
  11. Now right click "unallocated space" and create a new partition - choose "Extended Partition"
  12. Right click and select "new" and then choose "linux-swap" partition.
  13. Click the green arrow for applying the changed
  14. Restart the system!

How to "Xiami" as a VIP User (for Mac)

This post serves as an app hacking example only.

Xiami (虾米) is a Chinese music sharing platform that you can listen to music for free (not for downloading). If you open up, it will detect your visiting IP address, and where it belongs. So here is a screenshot of the message:

Xiami Not Available

I like Xiami since it provides high quality music. The tricky thing here is, if you are a VIP user, i.e. paid user, then they will skip above message. Well, doing a little modification in the app can bypass the VIP check. Therefore, as long as you are a registered user, the app will recognize you as a VIP. Continue reading How to "Xiami" as a VIP User (for Mac)