Giving Machines the Ability to Think on Their Own

Just some random idea when I took the shower early this morning. Maybe someone already did this. Maybe not.

Lots of us want machines to learn by themselves. This has been studied for years, but there's not a breakthrough yet. Could there be a fundamental problem that prevents us doing so?

When deep learning came out, people went crazy about it. This is possible the future of AI, people think. However, if you look closely, the underlying structure (the number of layers, their types, etc.) all relies on our decisions, the human's decisions. This is not AI.

What if we give the machine the flexibility to also change those structures. We provide the building blocks, and they learn on their own about where to use what.

I thought of Google's AutoML. What it does basically is to automatically try many combinations of models using its powerful backend.

This is dumb but cool. To train neural nets to train neural nets. However, the trained neural network would still be a fixed neural network, meaning it does not evolve.

The most dummy solution is to do similar things like AutoML does, with a reinforcement learning like closed-loop structure. So you want the neural network (that is trained to design other neural networks) to be able to refresh its own memory.

This trained network will be a building block for one particular tasks: designing another neural network for a particular action, like object detection, language translation, etc.

This structure is clearly a layered structure. While it makes sense, most of our thinking system is not really layered. It includes many possible cooperations in different areas of the brain. So if we somehow connect these trained neural networks together, that form a larger mixture rather than layers ones, then maybe the machine could have much more flexibility that enables it to "evolve" - to think on its own.



Regarding foldable phones

There's been a hype about foldable phones. While it's awesome to see screens that can actually fold, and there are softwares supporting this feature, I do not see foldable phones have much future. The key problem is now the phone has to be as twice as big, based on current implementations. Also, there is only one possible changes of the screen display size. This fundamentally limits the concept of a "soft" display.

I'm more believed in scrollable screens. See this year's scrollable TV at CES as a reference. It would benefit much more if the screens can be dragged out more and more. While you may still limit the scrollable length, and fix the scrolling distance for fixed screen size, we may no longer need an additional thickness of the phone. Like the design of Amazon's Oasis, or any scrolls, it would save so much space and the phone will be so much smaller in size.

Sorry guys, my blog was down for a while due to database issues.. Still figuring out what is going on, but I will keep an eye on it.

Oakwood Housing Experience That I Must Log

Ah, it's been three weeks and I still have no Internet. I think I need to log down this experience for future references.

I had two three-month rentals with Oakwood and had no problems. Everything went smoothly. But this year, the rental is actually quite different.

Although it is not the end of the world not having WiFi and/or Internet, I'd love to get access to it whenever I want to. But apparently, in this rental apartment, I could not get a satisfying experience.

The First Day (Sunday, Week 1)

I actually arrive very late in the day, about the midnight. I just spent about 24 hours in the airport, I lifted two of my 24kg luggages with red eyes, and moved physically inside the apartment -- btw it has the weirdest apartment building layout I have ever seen and I spent 30min trying to locate where my apartment is. After I put everything down, I thought I'd open the webpage and download the required documents for FB interning. I took my laptop out of my bag, surprisingly covered a thin layer of dust, and turned it on. Great, so far not bad, I think.

And I found I had no Internet. Nothing. I went to look for notes about WiFi SSID name and password, but there was nothing.

Okay, I'd better call for maintenance and fix this.

The Second Day (Monday, Week 1)

I called in the early morning and their attitude is supreme. They apologized and quickly arranged an appointment to fix it. Unfortunately, they said it'll be fixed on Friday.

I told myself it's okay, as I can use hotspot and there's an Xfinity WiFi hotspot I found last night. They told me I can purchase it and get reimbursed.

Sadly when I went back home, I tried the Xfinity WiFi and it's signal quality is horrible. You can imagine my feeling that night, and I said okay, at least I have mobile hotspot (for free), and at least this will be resolved on Friday. Continue reading Oakwood Housing Experience That I Must Log

One Day, I Found "Knives Out" Cheat, for real...

I played 'Knives Out' a while, a mobile PUBG game made by NetEase Inc. It is an awesome game, and I love(d) that the game is fair and there is (was) no cheat.

Apparently, I am wrong. One day I was just landing. I turned my camera to various locations just to double check how many people are around me and where they are. Guess what, I saw someone running on the ground. It is not surprising because he/she may land before I did. But then I found something weird. (S)he ran super, super, super fast. It's like just a click, (s)he went from south to north...

I was shocked, so I did some search online and found several places people actually sold the so-called "Knives Out Assistance." And there is one other place publishing a similar hack for free. Continue reading One Day, I Found "Knives Out" Cheat, for real...