Project Tango Tablet... Hmm...

Got the tablet two days ago and played it for a while... Project Tango utilizes IR depth sensor to obtain the distance of different objects (and possibly the resulting image is a combined work with fisheye camera). My assumption is they use camera to do some imaging processing to find out rough edges of different objects, and then use the depth sensor to get distance info. And to be honest, it is just a big toy when things work like they should. Continue reading Project Tango Tablet... Hmm...

Project Tango Tablet Development Kit

Applied a while ago.. and got the email just now! Ordered the white version.. The specs all look good and price is reasonable: $512 + tax.

A short description of Project Tango:

Project Tango combines 3D motion tracking with depth sensing to give your mobile device the ability to know where it is and how it moves through space.

Well, basically everything is old but the depth sensors. Not very sure how do they handle the trajectory noise right now though.

Here is the screenshot:

Project Tango Order

VPS Setup Record - LAMP

LAMP = Linux + Apache + MariaDB + PHP

Install Apache

yum -y install httpd

Before doing any modifications, you might want to make a copy of important files like:

mkdir /etc/httpd_bak
cp -R /etc/httpd /etc/httpd_bak

Now setup the first webpage:

vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/

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VPS Setup Record - Basics

Just upgrade my VPS to CentOS 7 and it cleans up everything. In case I forgot it, here I record what I did step by step.. hopefully it'll be useful to everyone on the web too! 😀

I'll start with some very basic stuff. Notice that different Linux distribution has different commands.

My VPS Info

  • Linux Distribution: CentOS 7 x86_64
  • RAM: 768MB
  • Disk Space: 15GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 200GB
  • Location: Tokyo

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Get rid of grid in Matlab "surf"

Recently I need to look at the antenna beam and show the RSS while steering the beam in various angles. The results are stored in a matrix and I'll need to surf it. The black grids are really annoying.. To get rid of it, just assign either LineStyle or EdgeColor to none.

For instance, surf(X,Y,Z,'LineStyle','none','EdgeColor','none').

My Experience on AP Calculus BC

Finally the examination of Calculus BC ended. Overall, very good, I’d have to say. The questions were not harder than I expected and the time is OK for me. I even checked three times just in case if there existed an incorrect answer. Free response was not difficult but only needed a lot of explanations. Btw, Caihua Chen, my Calculus BC teacher, is excellent at teaching. All the questions he mentioned in the class were tested in the real examination.

My Experience on AP Statistics

I was very confident at that moment, or say, at the very beginning. While doing the Free Response questions, however, I felt tough and overwhelmed. There are six questions in the section, and I did not finish the last one. Time is up. I am stupid on time arrangement. The worst part is that there existed only one real question asking to calculate while others were only statements, which led me to doubt whether the test is Language or Statistics.

Conclusion: Time is Tight, Questions are Too Simple

A little bit more.

Time is Tight: I just tried my best to write in details but may be too much. I put a lot of effort on how to do this and that.

Question is Too Simple: Yes, that is right. In the stupid Barron the questions are even harder than the real questions. I was shocked when I saw those direct and simple questions. I thought, “Oh Dear! This is too simple! Maybe I should read the question again” and so I did it -- three or five times. That was the point I wasted too much time.

Alright, just hope that I would never fail to arrange my time again, and you guys should pay attention to where I failed.

Tomorrow is my Calculus exam. Although my preparation has not started yet, I should put all of my effort on it.