Already 3 days since I came back

I still remember that one year ago when Heqing taught me English, he asked me: "Wut's the color of the sky in Nanjing?" And I answered: "Blue." At that time, he gainsaid my words. If someone ask the same question to me now, I will gainsay me words too.

Actually, the sky in Nanjing is really grey. Though sometimes it will be grey blue.

I've already been back for 3 days. Because of the flu, I am still separated by myself at home. Actually there are not many chances to get out of the house. Mainly I show the pictures and the souvenirs to my parents. Sometimes I look out from the balcony.

So many cars, so many tall buildings, and so many people. Maybe I was used to living in Liberal and I was used to the FLAT in Liberal, and I am not adapted living in China as soon as I come back. Sometimes I say to myself, I don't like the gray sky in Nanjing, neither so many cars nor noise. But anyway I am born in Nanjing and I know this place. Also, I love this place.

Sometimes, people are weird.

When I haven't been in United States, I look forward to the life there.

When I really got to be a member of that life, I miss the life in China.

But when I left United States, I hesitated to leave.

Well whatever, I just say some words to get rid of my boring heart during the separation.

Today, I looked out through the window

Today, I looked out through the window. I watched the sunrise in Liberal carefully.

The sun rises from the east and sets to the west all the time. It seems everyday the sunrise and sunset are same. But if U are pretty careful, U will find they are different. Today the sunrise lasted 8 minutes and 21 seconds, which U could see that the sun reached out his head from white clouds and then his shiny eyes opened, with the redish clouds. But the last time, I remembered that the sunrise lasted 7 min 49 sec; the second last time, it lasted 8 min 10 sec ... Continue reading Today, I looked out through the window