A Quick Reply to "Math in Dates"

While I was searching for how to setup PHP on Mac, I found this guy's website (Jason) and his post in July. The problem he pointed out is:

Which year (only the last two digits) will have the most dates that satisfies the equation (day+month=year)?

For example, January 3, 2004 satisfies this (since 1+3=4). So does February 2, 2004. So in year 2004, for instance, how frequent this happens? The answer is 3, because we only have Jan. 3rd, Feb. 2nd, and Mar. 1st. Continue reading A Quick Reply to "Math in Dates"

UnwiredLab and The Fun

Never thought crawling data from a company will be found out so fast.


The thing is UnwiredLab has extensive dataset that allows them to derive the cell tower location. And they sell the number of queries for the service. Similar services include Google Map, OpencellID, Combain, CellIDFinder, etc. UnwiredLab provides a trial/free account that allows 50 queries per day, 1500 per month. Because of my research purpose, I need extensive number of queries. I wrote my crawler and wanted to test its robustness, but obviously 50 isn't enough for testing. So I created 6 accounts in a row, with Tor, trying to escape from their spam detection system.  Continue reading UnwiredLab and The Fun