Compile tshark/wireshark for Android

It is a painful process and I would like to record the whole process.. I will provide a script in the end to assist, but the script should be used "AS IS."

To get wireshark working on Android, we will need many many libraries to start with. Most importantly, we need:

  • libpcap
  • glib
  • libiconv
  • libffi
  • gettext

To get these (and compiled correctly), we also need to get libgcrypt, libgpg-error, gmp, nettle, libtasn1, p11-kit, gnutls, xz, and libxml2. First we need to download all these. Navigate to a directory and use the following script to do so. Continue reading Compile tshark/wireshark for Android

802.11mc FTM on Intel 8260 (GitHub Wiki Link Provided)

It is exciting to actually make 802.11mc FTM working with Intel 8260 chip! Greatly thank Mohamed Ibrahim for all the help!

Please find below the GitHub Wiki link for details to enable this feature on Intel 8260 chip:

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Windows 10 KMS Activation Servers

Basic technique

As it is spread over the Internet, open up a command prompt (Admin) by pressing Win + x, and then enter the following:

slmgr /ipk <you license key>
slmgr /skms
slmgr /ato

But then is dead.

Here are some alternatives:

And then to clear KMS:

slmgr /skms localhost
slmgr.vbs /ckms

License Keys

To get the license keys, you go ahead Google it..

Download videos (and popup comments) from

Just found a nice website that analyzes the video path and so we could download the videos that are on! As of today when I post this, the webpage is still alive.

06/05/2017: Something to note. Member-only videos (non public videos) cannot be downloaded right now. Keyword test: 다운로드, 下载, 下載, ダウンロード, descargar, скачать, ดาวน์โหลด

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How to "Xiami" as a VIP User (for Mac)

This post serves as an app hacking example only.

Xiami (虾米) is a Chinese music sharing platform that you can listen to music for free (not for downloading). If you open up, it will detect your visiting IP address, and where it belongs. So here is a screenshot of the message:

Xiami Not Available

I like Xiami since it provides high quality music. The tricky thing here is, if you are a VIP user, i.e. paid user, then they will skip above message. Well, doing a little modification in the app can bypass the VIP check. Therefore, as long as you are a registered user, the app will recognize you as a VIP. Continue reading How to "Xiami" as a VIP User (for Mac)