Brief on Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging Resolution

I assume readers already know the definitions of:

  • Frequency of a wave \(\): number of periods per unit time
  • Wavelength \(\): distance between each period
  • Propagation velocity \(\): wave traveling speed, here assuming the speed of light \(\) in the air
  • Beam width \(\): the angular spread of the radar beam, approximated by \(\) in radian, where \(\) is the size of real aperture

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Project Tango Tablet... Hmm...

Got the tablet two days ago and played it for a while... Project Tango utilizes IR depth sensor to obtain the distance of different objects (and possibly the resulting image is a combined work with fisheye camera). My assumption is they use camera to do some imaging processing to find out rough edges of different objects, and then use the depth sensor to get distance info. And to be honest, it is just a big toy when things work like they should. Continue reading Project Tango Tablet... Hmm...