Oakwood Housing Experience That I Must Log

Ah, it's been three weeks and I still have no Internet. I think I need to log down this experience for future references.

I had two three-month rentals with Oakwood and had no problems. Everything went smoothly. But this year, the rental is actually quite different.

Although it is not the end of the world not having WiFi and/or Internet, I'd love to get access to it whenever I want to. But apparently, in this rental apartment, I could not get a satisfying experience.

The First Day (Sunday, Week 1)

I actually arrive very late in the day, about the midnight. I just spent about 24 hours in the airport, I lifted two of my 24kg luggages with red eyes, and moved physically inside the apartment -- btw it has the weirdest apartment building layout I have ever seen and I spent 30min trying to locate where my apartment is. After I put everything down, I thought I'd open the webpage and download the required documents for FB interning. I took my laptop out of my bag, surprisingly covered a thin layer of dust, and turned it on. Great, so far not bad, I think.

And I found I had no Internet. Nothing. I went to look for notes about WiFi SSID name and password, but there was nothing.

Okay, I'd better call for maintenance and fix this.

The Second Day (Monday, Week 1)

I called in the early morning and their attitude is supreme. They apologized and quickly arranged an appointment to fix it. Unfortunately, they said it'll be fixed on Friday.

I told myself it's okay, as I can use hotspot and there's an Xfinity WiFi hotspot I found last night. They told me I can purchase it and get reimbursed.

Sadly when I went back home, I tried the Xfinity WiFi and it's signal quality is horrible. You can imagine my feeling that night, and I said okay, at least I have mobile hotspot (for free), and at least this will be resolved on Friday. Continue reading Oakwood Housing Experience That I Must Log