Attending MobiCom TPC Meeting

Booked the ticket to the MobiCom TPC meeting in Salt Lake City upon Heather's request. Being served as the "man in station," I experienced what a 1st-year PhD student would possibly never have a chance to see. According to Ben, even a 4th or 5th year PhD wouldn't have this chance to attend such a meeting. My major task was to take notes for the meeting, and here is the story.

I left in the early afternoon from Santa Barbara airport. It's always a pain leaving from Santa Barbara as it always goes to LAX and then other places. And the flight is just about an hour. I'm not quite sure why but feel tired already after getting off the plane.

On the plane I was doing my homework, i.e. remember the names of TPC members. I am very bad at names, and I had a hard time to link people's faces with their names. Hence, I prepared a full list of TPC names, their photos, and what they majorly do. There are roughly 50 people, a few from Italy, France, and England. It would be quite awkward if I knew no body there. I felt I should prepare a bit and at least got familiar with the names first.  Continue reading Attending MobiCom TPC Meeting