Vultr upgraded the plan

This is awesome. Vultr recently upgraded the $5/month plan so that I now have 1GB memory with 25GB storage! YAY! And what is more fun is there is $2.5/month option, which has less bandwidth, storage, and memory. The only thing is there is no possibility to downgrade a plan, otherwise I might just go for… Continue reading Vultr upgraded the plan

VPS Setup Record - LAMP

LAMP = Linux + Apache + MariaDB + PHP Install Apache yum -y install httpd Before doing any modifications, you might want to make a copy of important files like: mkdir /etc/httpd_bak cp -R /etc/httpd /etc/httpd_bak Now setup the first webpage: vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/

VPS Setup Record - Basics

Just upgrade my VPS to CentOS 7 and it cleans up everything. In case I forgot it, here I record what I did step by step.. hopefully it'll be useful to everyone on the web too! 😀 I'll start with some very basic stuff. Notice that different Linux distribution has different commands. My VPS Info Linux Distribution: CentOS… Continue reading VPS Setup Record - Basics